Temporary Tattoo Application Instructions

- Cut-out the desired design & remove its plastic front-cover.

- Place the tattoo design face down on your skin.

- Wet/water the paper using sponge or cotton for 10-20 seconds. 

- Carefully remove the paper to check if tattoo has been transferred.

- If not fully transferred, press down again with wet cotton until thoroughly transferred.

- Let it dry and enjoy your cool new tattoo. :)


Important notes: 

- For best result, skin must be clean and free from sweat or lotion before the application of temporary tattoos.

- For easy removal of tats, use  cotton with alcohol.

- Last 4-7 days if placed in arm, away from joints or clothes. Also, bigger or solid designs last longer on skin compare to those small ones.


You can watch our tutorial video here.



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